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Includes financial analysis of three on-premise encoding workflows

Open Source

Case Study #1 - Open Source Encoding Software on General Purpose Hardware
In this study we compare a medium volume short form content workflow across open source encoding software and 5 nodes. 6000 source files per month at 20 mb/s into 3 web and mobile outputs.

Enterprise Software

Case Study #2 - Enterprise Encoding Software running on General Purpose Hardware In this study we compare medium volume episodic television content across 14 nodes running commercial encoding engines with perpetual license model and annual support contract. Source content is in broadcast mezzanine format at 30 mb/s into 9 output formats including a complex
HLS stream.

Hardware Appliance

Case Study #3 - Enterprise Encoding Appliance In this study we compare long form source content at a high bitrate across a large 31 node farm of purpose built encoding appliances. Source content is 90 minutes in length at 50 mb/s into 12 output formats including HLS and DRM packing.

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